“Some memories have no past”

sabrina_reading017smallTen calendar years have now passed since Sabrina Seelig died in the Spring of 2007. To comprehend the passage of time in relation to her absence is a maddening task. Was it yesterday or in past centuries? “Some memories have no past” said a cryptic note found by her sister, pinned onto a wall of her Bushwick apartment. Was it a quote from something she was reading at the time? If that is the case, it has not been indexed by any internet engines thus far. Was it her own note, meant to be included in something that she was writing at the time? Now, that Sabrina is nowhere to be found, how do we find the path that brought these words together and onto her wall? What to do with all the love and passion we have for her? I am checking again the vast archives of the web for “Some memories have no past”.  And again, search engines fail to return a relevant result.


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