It is December 5th, 2007, only six months since our beloved Sabrina passed away. Words continue to fail us in our attempt to comprehend this catastrophe. It is impossible to convey how much we miss her.

We are attempting to honor her in many ways, fanning the flame that she sparked in all of our hearts. A network of family and friends is working to publish her various writings along with the establishment of a foundation reflecting her passionate spirit and much that she cared about. We are planning a reading of her poems and short stories, and a temple is in the process of being designed in her honor. The new outdoor theater at The Riley School in Glen Cove, Maine has been named in her honor and donations are being accepted. But above all, Sabrina continues to live strong in the hearts and minds of all who knew her as it seems like only yesterday that she was with us.

We are also attempting to untangle the circumstances which caused her physical demise after being admitted to Wycoff Heights Medical Center in Bushwick. The Medical Examiner’s findings indicate that overhydration (water intoxication) was the prime suspect in her death. There are still many questions regarding her time in the hospital emergency room. We are also working with medical experts who are studying every aspect of her condition and treatment, trying to discover the cause of her rapid decline while being hospitalized. We will announce all the findings as soon as we have specific information.