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This page is dedicated to the short yet astonishing life and spirit of our great love Sabrina Seelig. She has touched our hearts deeper than any words can express. She has also inspired us to reshape our lives and re-examine our sense of purpose.

In shock and disbelief, we are searching through a bounty of signs that she has left us.


The family and friends of Sabrina Seelig mourn the loss of their precious daughter and brilliant sister, a vibrant young woman who lived a life of 23 years to the absolute fullest with great spirit and verve. She left us on June 5, 2007 in New York City, where she was an enthusiastic full-time student of Classic Literature at Hunter College, and where she was a passionate writer and active volunteer for a leading arts and culture newspaper in Brooklyn called The Brooklyn Rail. While in New York, Sabrina also worked two days a week as a tutor at the Isaacs Neighborhood Center in Harlem where she shared her great love of books and literature with high school students. Before moving to New York, Sabrina studied at Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts.

Sabrina graduated with honors from Camden Hills High School in 2000, where she was active in the theatre program both as a director of plays and as an actor. While in high school, Sabrina founded a theatre company called P.Y.A.M (Professional Young Actors of Maine). She and many close friends wrote and produced a number of plays performed at venues including Watts Hall in Thomaston, Lincoln Street Center for the Arts in Rockland and at an improvised store front on Main Street in Rockland. At the age of 13, Sabrina founded Lulu’s Ice Cream Stand which was built with the help of her father and sister Ashley behind the Second Read next to Café Miranda. There she spent many summers selling ice cream, writing plays and poems, reading books and listening to Jazz recordings on her cherished black box record player.

This young romantic was also an avid traveler seeking the experience of
living in as many diverse cultures as possible. Before attending college she traveled for several months throughout Europe, living in work hostels in Italy, ending up in Prague where she spent most of her time writing poetry and short stories. Last year Sabrina traveled with her boyfriend to Cambodia, Burma and Thailand. Inspired by the people and culture there, Sabrina recently arranged a return trip to Thailand this fall where she would have been part of the Burma Volunteer Project working with Pro-Democracy Burmese groups teaching English to young people.

Sabrina Seelig connected with and inspired people wherever she lived, and that was revealed around her hospital bed at Cornell in New York where there were day and night vigils throughout her final hours. There were often as many as 24 friends at a time holding hands in a circle, praying and singing to Sabrina in her I.C.U. unit. Her friends came to visit, traveling from as faraway as Cairo, Egypt, Portland, Oregon, Los Angeles, California and from up and down the East coast. Amazing stories were shared continuously among her friends and family, about her life and her contributions to the lives of everyone around her. Sabrina loved her time in New York City, and she also felt a deep affection for the state of Maine where the people and the place
played such a significant part in her life.


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